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  Free Online Folk Song Books

The Irish Melodies 1895
Moore's Irish Melodies 1859
Irish Melodies 1849
Erin in Music & Verse 1910
Song Lore of Ireland 1910
Songs of Erin 1901
Popular Songs of Ireland 1886

Notes on Scottish Song 1908
The Songs of Scotland 1825
Early Scottish Melodies 1900
Scottish Song 1889
Scottish Songs 1869
Songs, Scots & English 1876

Reliquary of English Song v1 1916
Best English & Scot Ballads 1911
Old English Popular Music 1893
Elizabethan Song Lyrics 1891
Victorian English Songs 1888
Collection of English Songs 1819
Songs from London Pageants 1846
Cavalier & Puritan Song 1869
Minstrelry of England 1901
English Minstrelsie 1896
Old English Ballads 1894
English & Scottish Ballads 1880
English & Scottish Ballads v1-2 1880
English & Scottish Ballads v5 1866
English & Scottish Ballads v6 1866
English & Scottish Ballads v7-8 1886

Manx National Music 1898
Swedish Song Games 1913
History of German Song 1888
Through Romany Songland 1889
Songs of Ukrainia 1916
Masters of Russian Song 1917
Folk Songs of Eastern Europe 1912

Jamaican Song & Story 1907

American Ballads 1922
American War Ballads 1889
US Army Song Book 1918
Civil War in Song 1889
60 Years of Calif. Song 1913
Songs of Vermont 1919
New England in Ballads 1902

Cowboy Songs 1916
Songs of the Cattle Trail 1919

Am. Indian Story & Song 1900
Northern Ute Music 1922
Music of Aus. Aboriginals 1887
Songs from the South Pacific 1876

Fifty [Indian] Tunes 1878
Sanskrit Stanzas 1876

Folk Songs of Many Peoples 1921
Franklin Square Song Coll. 1881
Beacon Song Coll. v2 1900
The Corona Song Book 1903
Cambridge Poetry & Song 1910
Earth, Sky & Air in Song 1900
Universal Songster 1834
Most Celebrated Songs 1732
Songs, Comic & Satryical 1801
Satirical Songs on Costume 1810
Collection of Madrigals 1837
Northern Garlands 1887
Popular Ballads & Songs 1806
The Popular Ballad 1907
Modern Street Ballads 1866
Old Ballads 1810
Early Naval Ballads 1841
15th Century Songs 1847
Ancient Songs & Ballads 1846

Michigan University Song Book 1904
School Book of Vocal Music 1904
Nat'l School Library of Song 1894

  Free Online Songwriting Books

Music in Song 1883
Makers of Songs 1904
Songs & Song Writers 1900
Stephen Foster 1920
Essays on Song-writing 1810
The Rhymester 1882
Studies in Song 1880
Piano & Song 1875

  Free Online Singing Books

How to Sing a Song 1918
Relation of Singer to Song 1910
Art of Singing 1912
Resonance in Singing 1911
How to Sing 1902
Psychology of Singing 1908
Vocal Art-Science 1917
Lyric Diction for Singers 1913
The Choirtrainer's Art 1914
The Voice in Singing 1884
Gymnastics of the Voice 1893
Style in Singing 1911
Ten Singing Lessons 1901
Voice Education 1920
Vocal Reinforcement 1891
Staccato Notes for Singers 1915
Breathing for Voice Production 1903
The Old Italian Method 1916
Open Door for Singers 1912
Voice Production in Singing 1913
True Tone Production 1908
Voice & Song 1907
Voice as an Instrument 1878
Vocal Physiology 1877
Voice Physiology & Cultivation 1900
Vocal Faults & Remedies 1907
Caruso & Singing 1922
Tone Building & Placing 1909
Legitimate School of Singing 1894
3rd Book in Vocal Music 1901
The Art of the Singer 1906
Gymnastics of the Voice 1893
Voice in Speech & Song 1890
Voice & Song
Queens of Song 1864

  Free Online Opera Books

Victrola Book of Opera 1921
A Book of Operas Krehbiel 1909
A 2nd Book of Operas Krehbiel 1917
The Standard Opera-glass 1907
Guide to Wagner's Parsifal 1904

The Magic Flute Mozart
Falstaff Verdi
Der Barbier von Sevilla Rossini
Tosca Puccini
Marriage of Figaro Mozart
A Hundred Operas Mendelsohn 1915
Lohengrin Wagner
Dir Walküre Wagner
Götterdammerung Wagner
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Der Ring des Nibelungen Wagner
Samson & Delilah Saint-Saëns

  Free Online Music Books

University Musical Encyclopedia 1914
What We Hear in Music 1913
The Art of Music 1916
The Grammar of Music 1818
Lessons in Music 1904
Practical Essays on Music 1900
Cultivation of Choral Music 1884
5th Year Music 1915
Boston Acad. of Music Manual 1839
Disputed Points in Music 1910

What is Good Music? 1898
How to Understand Music 1888
The Music Amateur 1911
Educaton of a Music Lover 1911
The Music-Lover 1907
The Great in Music 1900
Symphonic Music 1907
Principles of Musik 1616

Primitive Music 1893
Curiosities of Music 1880

  Free Online Music History Books

Oxford History of Music 1904
Groves Dictionary of Music 1920
History of Music 1875
Medæval Music 1899
Evolution of Music 1906
Modern Music & Musicians 1918
Modern Music 1906
Music: Art & Language 1920
The Great Composers 1902
Modern Composers 1902

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Creative Labs offers the ZEN line of mp3 digital audio players and personal video players, the industry-standard Sound Blaster audio cards, the Creative Inspire speaker series, and more, direct from the manufacturer. UK shoppers link to Creative Labs UK .

  New and Used Music CDs (and DVD videos)

Second Spin buys and sells used CDs, DVDs, and games.

  Classical Music CD Shops

Arkiv Music is a dedicated source for classical music recordings. You can link directly to buy classical music CDs by Composer or by Conductor. You can also search by performer or catalog # at their website. Their guarantee (see website for details): "If you have received damaged, defective, or incorrectly shipped merchandise, please notify Customer Service within 30 days, and follow the procedures [on their website]. We will gladly replace the merchandise without additional charge, or provide you with a full refund. If you are simply not happy with your ArkivMusic purchase and the merchandise is unopened, we will be glad to exchange it for you." ArkivMusic currently ships products to addresses in the United States only. Their shipping options are: 1st Class US Mail (4-8 business days, PO, APO, & FPO boxes should be OK), Next Day Air, and 2nd Day Air.

  Satellite Radio

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is more than 120 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk, and information. SIRIUS delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio can't, with built-in features like seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display.

  Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music: The Sheet Music Consortium, hosted by the UCLA Digital Library, provides free online and downloadable scans of old sheet music. For example, a search for "Stephen Foster" produces 129 results. browse

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